Fusion has been providing world-class service to the world’s carriers for over 15 years.  More than 270 international carriers count on Fusion for high quality, low cost terminations to global destinations, creating compelling products that meet demanding price point requirements and exceed expectations for ASR and ALOC in the world’s most challenging destinations. 

To match solutions to customer requirements, services include voice termination via both VoIP and traditional Time Division Multiplexing (“TDM”) or “circuit-switched” technology. Leading-edge switching technology, LCR and powerful routing and rating engines ensure that Fusion can deliver high quality termination to your final destination at the lowest possible cost - maximizing your profit on that traffic.

Firmly believing that reciprocity is key to our – and your – success, Fusion has reciprocal service agreements with most of our customers, mutually expanding and extending our opportunity to grow. Flexibility, agility, quality and control are at the center of our carrier services philosophy and you can count on us to customize a solution matched to your specific international, regional, or national requirements.  Dedicated sales professionals work in real time to meet your immediate requirements to keep up with dynamic change in the marketplace. And our team of experienced, skilled technical staff is on call for you 24 x 7 x 365 to quickly and capably respond to any traffic issues you might have.