User Experience

Fusion enables companies to meet unique business communication challenges by offering the entire company and each individual user a choice of advanced feature sets. For example, power users like receptionists and inside sales individuals may be provided a robust voice feature package while engineers, remote workers and executives may be given an expanded set of voice and collaboration features for increased connectivity and productivity.

Feature Sets and Benefits By User Type

Executive, Technical and Office Worker
Recommended feature set: Collaboration Seat

Executive, Technical and Office WorkerExecutive, technical and general office workers are often interrupted by meetings, conference calls and email communication. They put a premium on more uninterrupted time. They also want a better way to stay connected and benefit from a seamless transition from one communication medium to another.

With FusionWorks, employees can:

  • Receive voicemails in their email box and view their latest email and voice messages at the same time without having to check voicemail repeatedly.
  • Stay connected via advanced Find Me/Follow Me calling features such as Remote Office and Simultaneous Ring.
  • Use Instant Messaging, one on one or with a group, for quick interactions.
  • Check Presence status and see whether colleagues are available, on the phone, busy or away.
  • Conduct virtual meetings with desktop sharing with both company colleagues and anyone with access to a web browser.
  • Conduct virtual meetings with desktop sharing and multi-person video conferencing with anyone with access to a web browser. The perfect solution for online meetings, webinars or training.
  • Utilize Always On or On Demand Call Recording, ensuring any legal, compliance or customer support related need is met.
  • Use Executive and Executive-Assistant features to designate a pool of assistants who can answer and initiate phone calls on behalf of an Executive, ensuring important communications do not slip through the cracks.

Mobile Worker
Recommended feature set: Voice Seat

Mobile WorkerWhether a field salesperson or an employee travelling frequently between offices, a mobile employee spends most of their time on mobile and office calls - even in the car, at the airport or the hotel. With our FusionWorks seat, mobile workers are always reachable and can seamlessly handle complex call transfers.

With FusionWorks, mobile users have all the advanced calling features they need, integrated to work seamlessly. Mobile users can:

  • Have one number and one voicemail box for all calls, whether at the office or on the road.
  • Switch seamlessly between office and mobile phones mid-call, enabling efficient virtual teams and avoiding voicemail tag with colleagues and customers with Fixed Mobile Convergence.
  • Automatically redirect calls based on the time, day or caller to never miss an important call. Users can also forward their calls to more than one phone number, always being reached on their preferred device.
  • Check voice messages without having to listen to voicemail. Voicemails are transcribed into text and sent via email.
  • Note that mobile workers may also greatly benefit from upgrading to a Collaboration seat and access their corporate IM, presence and collaboration environments while on the road. With FusionWorks, you call the shots.

Recommended feature set: Voice Seat with Receptionist Software Client Add-on

ReceptionistReceptionists or telephone attendants manage and screen inbound calls for businesses. In addition to the advanced features of the Voice Seat to manage their own calls, the receptionist can utilize the Receptionist Software Client to more efficiently manage inbound calls with an intuitive, web-based client.

The Receptionist Software Client makes call handling and line-state monitoring easy and intuitive and is designed to follow the natural workflow of a call. All types of phones are supported including desktop phones, soft phones and mobile phones, creating even more options for how and where receptionists manage the calls.

Receptionist Call Console graphic

Receptionist Software Client Key Features:

  • Professional Call Handling – Multiple receptionists can see critical information in real-time
  • Call Management – Answer, dial, hold, conference, blind and attended transfer
  • Drag and Drop Call Transfer – Use the mouse to easily manage calls
  • Camp On with Recall – Perform a directed hold when called party is busy
  • Voicemail Transfer – Transfer calls directly to voicemail
  • Call History – Logs outgoing, received and missed calls
  • Call Statistics – Average hold time, transfer count
  • Intuitive Design – Web-based user interface follows the natural work flow of a call across the PC screen
  • Assured Availability – Accessible from anywhere with a PC and broadband connection
  • Completely Integrated – Can be bundled with other Fusion applications and features for a complete front office solution

IT Manager and CTO
Recommended feature set: Voice or Collaboration Seat

IT Manager and CTOWith FusionWorks, IT managers understand that cloud-based services are inherently a key component of their disaster recovery plan. Because FusionWorks is not premises-based, employees can access their services and messages from home, remote offices or any disaster recovery facility.

With no PBX to maintain and manage, IT managers save money with FusionWorks. We help you move, add and change users and services and a designated administrator may handle simple services and employee changes via our online portal.