FusionWorks brings phone and collaborative applications together to enable the people in your company to communicate with anyone, from anywhere on any device.

It is the convergence of VoIP, voicemail, instant messaging and presence, audio conferencing, video calling, desktop sharing and fax messaging. These calling and collaboration features, hosted by Fusion, run over the company’s data network. All services are accessed seamlessly with a range of applications or devices including office IP Phones, your cell phone, or desktop computer.

FusionWorks brings a company’s collaboration and voice applications together for improved mobility and productivity.

Description: How it works

FusionWorks includes the following cloud-based services:

  • Voice or VoIP telephony enables a company’s data network to deliver voice services with advanced calling features such as Find Me/Follow Me, Outlook Integration and Simultaneous Ring so you never miss a call.
  • Unified Messaging goes beyond classic voicemail to provide users with advanced features such as voicemail-to-email, video messaging, message waiting notification and integration of calling capabilities such as Call Back and Transfer.
  • Audio Conferencing enables multiple calls to be bridged together.
  • Video Calling for one-on-one collaboration with undivided attention.
  • Desktop Sharing for on-demanding collaboration and document sharing.
  • Instant Messaging and Presence allows workers to see one another’s availability over a range of devices and initiate secure, intra-company, peer-to-peer and group messaging.
  • Fax Messaging so that fax messages can be sent or received directly in your email.
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence to enable seamless transition between calls and other applications between desktop and mobile devices.
  • Admin Portal provides advanced users management, service and feature configuration all in one place.
  • Flexible Seating allows users within an office to use any cubicle within the office, log in to the host phone, and have the host phone provisioned with the guest’s device profile settings.