File Sync and Share

Enterprise-class Solutions for File Access, Sharing, Collaboration, and Transfer

Synchronize, share, and store data utilizing File Sync & Share solutions from Fusion across electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Make the most of the security and simplicity of cloud-based platforms, on-premise or hybrid solutions complete with easy access for employees, partners, and customers. 

Our File Sync & Share solutions are designed to help organizations optimize the flow of information. Discover how having one secure, stringently managed platform in place enhances the process for sharing information across both internal and external sources while accelerating team performance and meeting compliance needs including FINRA and HIPAA.

Multiple best-in-breed solutions help you meet your company’s specific needs:

  • Easily utilize and share critical data inside and outside your organization
  • Control the use and transfer of sensitive files, documents, photos, and videos
  • Store data on one secure, protected platform
  • Enhance employee productivity with ready accessibility to the information  they need
  • Avoid costly data breaches and manage users’ capabilities

Keep proprietary information as well as customer data contained and confidential with all of the controls that File Sync & Share provides.

Experience, Expertise, Flexibility, Support
We are cloud pioneers with nearly 20 years of experience delivering and supporting cloud services, a longtime Microsoft Gold Partner, and one of the largest and most experienced Hosted Exchange providers.