Internet Access

Fusion offers its carrier customers specialized options based on their specific requirements for cost, quality, and capacity.

Multi-Peered Internet Access

One simple dedicated connection from Fusion provides your business with redundant, high-speed access to all nine major Internet backbones. Route optimization technology delivers enhanced reliability and performance while continuity is assured by routing around hot spots and network congestion, avoiding downtime. The result is a highly stable, reliable Internet connection featuring 100% operational uptime, low packet loss and latency. Fusion offers SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantees that cover the entire Internet, not just a single backbone. Multi-peered Internet Access delivers your business faster web page download, web content download and average byte transfer per second, with fewer time-out connections, page timeouts and total errors.

Tier 1 Internet Access

Fusion's Tier 1 Internet Access service delivers a reliable and secure, constant connection to the Internet via dedicated access. Our extensive global coverage provides scalable and redundant connections. Backed by performance guarantees, our SLA offers premium quality at a competitive price.

In-Country Internet Access

Wherever opportunity leads you, whether in-town or across the globe in unfamiliar, challenging territory, Fusion has the answer with an Internet solution delivered locally. Whatever your specific requirements, Fusion's in-country presence and expertise allow for on-time delivery and SLA guarantees.